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Consumer-Run, Self-Help Support Groups Offer Many Benefits

Free Mental Health Support & Education throughout Hawaii

Where can I find a support group?

Click on any of these links:

Why should I join a support group?

You’ll find many new friends and a place to discuss your different challenges in life. Support groups offer one of the best ways to recover from depression and other mental illnesses. There are also support groups for special situations, as well as an overall group social event at the end of every month on Oahu. Call (808)947-5558 for more information.

A few Benefits of being in a USH support Group:

  • Sharing with others who have same challenges
  • Helps us solve our problems
  • Problem solving training is offered
  • Training given on coping
  • There’s a social every quarter, wherever the support group wants to go
  • Members of a support group get to borrow a free computer, as long as they are in the group
  • Sharing of information
  • Guest speakers
  • Refreshments
  • Books and videotapes on mental illness
  • We help each other with support throughout the week
  • It’s a great way to socialize
  • There are special activities that people in support groups are invited to: Golf, Softball game, Karate class and more
  • Free Medic Alert bracelets
  • Free notary service
  • There are job opportunities that people in support groups get offered.

How do I join?

Simply find a support group near you from the list below, call the number listed for directions, then come to the support group meeting. That’s it!

United Self-Help partners with the National Institute of Mental Health to inform the public about mental health disorders, reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness, and increase the public’s awareness of the importance of basic and clinical research in advancing knowledge of the brain and behavior.